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Roof Trusses

We design and build wooden trusses for residential and commercial construction projects, offering numerous variations and configurations for pitched, flat, triangular or scissor roofs. Our superior quality roof trusses come specifically designed for single or multi level construction projects.

The design team at D & D Truss Components designs the roof trusses (aka rafters) for stability and to maximize the space available within the project. Custom designed roof trusses can create and additional living space or room for storage right inside the roof truss. Many times this is referred to as an "attic truss".  Custom designed attic trusses can most times be easily designed to add a full height celling room or structural storage space eliminating the need of a third party "mini-storage facility".

Incorporating roof trusses into your construction project can save up to 25% on time and thus reduce the overall labor cost on a project.